About First Grill


With years in the F&B scene, we realised we could do bigger and better.

Our Story

First Grill originated from our love for grilled gastronomy, and our unwavering dedication to produce the finest grill cuisines. To strive for this perfection, our founders even brought in the renowned Josper Charcoal Grill from Europe as they believed that it was the perfect choice for this endeavour. With both the passion and the right technology, we then assembled a team of grill chefs and grill lovers to put together the unforgettable dining experience at First Grill that we know of today.

First Grill Singapore chef making pizzaFirst Grill Singapore chef making seafood paella riceFirst Grill Singapore chef grating cheese onto a plate of salad
First Grill Singapore chef adding finishing touch to pizzaFirst Grill Singapore seafood paella riceFirst Grill Singapore plate of salad
With Mastery Comes Innovation

Through our years of working with the Josper Charcoal Grill, we knew it had room for innovation beyond the conventional dishes. We invested a lot of time and effort to experiment with different local favourite recipes and the result? Mouth-watery local cuisines with flavours and richness that are immensely elevated. (Psst, you might just get a surprise if you know what’s special)

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We believe that food taste best when it’s closest to its au naturale state. That’s why we keep it simple - world class grill paired with the most passionate chefs.

Owner of First Grill
First Grill Singapore fred owner of first grill grilling meat in a grillerFirst Grill Singapore fred owner of first grill grilling meat in a griller
First Grill Singapore grilled meat flaming hot

If it can be grilled, we will grill it. Many of our specialties are created by the flames of our Josper Charcoal Grill. Over time, we created numerous delectable dishes that kept everyone coming back for more.